Hard work, dedication, and discipline are the 3 values that I apply to all areas of my life.

From very early on I knew that I wanted to be a role model to others, and change people’s lives with my story.
I want to share that with you now…

I embarked on a incredible journey from the young age of three years old when I  was introduced to the sport of tennis by my father, Barion Mills.
I moved away from my hometown of Rochester NY at the tender age of ten to move to Bradenton Florida to attend the prestigious sport prodigy producing academy IMG academy.

This was a decision that I made early on, because I knew that I wanted to be a professional.

I moved to this boarding school on my own, and was the youngest boarding student they had ever had up until that point.
After countless hours training, early 5:45 am practices, private lessons, and a focus that could not be interrupted I began to show promise on the junior world tour.

My family decided that at age fourteen I would turn professional. As a professional tennis player I traveled the entire world for thirty six weeks out of the year.


That experience has really made me very cultured, and able to relate to and adapt to people from all culture and countries.
I have played in many of the same tournaments as the Williams Sisters, and Maria Sharapova.

I have traveled the world to play visiting over thirty countries and five continents. My personal favorite countries she has played in are Morroco, Sweden,Austrailia,Portugal, and Brazil.

Up to the age of 23 years old, my entire life was devoted to intense training, schedule planning and eating the right foods to get the maximum performance for my body.

Unfortunately, my body began to resist and break down.

I had to have surgery on both knees, and I injured myself in a tournament in Mexico so I had three herniated discs in my back. This caused me to retire prematurely at twenty four years old.

I was absolutely devastated.

My whole life was devoted to playing tennis, and when doctors told me I would not be able to play again, run normally again, or ride a bike again I was very lost. I had no idea what I was going to do with her life. This low period in my life did not last long.

My positive attitude and always searching for the positive of the situation kicked in very quick. All I knew was I wanted to give back, and I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives.

Somebody who cared a lot about me introduced Kyani products to me  because they knew the pain I was in on a day to day basis.

I tried the products and amazed when after only a week on the products I was not experiencing the pain in my knees and back that I was feeling for the past 4 years.

I  decided that if I could benefit this much from these amazing products, that other people would benefit for sure.

I have made it my mission to personally touch 5,000 people with these products and the amazing lifestyle that comes with sharing these products with others as a distributor.

I love being able to show people how to achieve time and financial freedom all from their smart phone. Everyday I’m  working to achieve my goals, and to impact the lives of others.

My big “WHY” that keeps me going is I wants to have complete financial and time freedom so I can travel the world and show young kids the amazing sport of tennis. I believe that tennis allowed me to have so many amazing memories, free college education, world travel, and lessons and values that have stayed with me throughout her life.

I knows that if I can bring tennis to kids in areas of the USA, and the world where kids, specifically girls do not have a lot of good role models or resources that it will change their lives like it changed mine.

I truly believe that if you work hard in life, are dedicated, and have discipline that you can achieve every single goal you have and be exactly who you want to be in life.

With Kyani anybody with those three traits can be extremely successful. I enjoy living in beautiful Miami Florida with my boyfriend Javier Walden. Together, we empower and motivate our global team to experience more in life through health, and wealth.